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Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Therapy
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Orthopedic Care


Initial Evaluation:

You may schedule an initial evaluation at Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Therapy in one of three ways:

  • Call South Shore Hospital’s Centralized Scheduling at 781-624-4090
  • Call Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Therapy at 781-624-8140
  • In person at Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Therapy on the 3rd floor at 2 Pond Park

When scheduling an appointment we will ask you for:

  • Doctor’s orders or referral
  • Your insurance information
  • Your contact information

To confirm your insurance coverage, we will call your insurance company, and may ask you to:

  • Call your Primary Care Provider (PCP) for an insurance referral
  • Call your insurance company for an explanation of your rehabilitation services benefit

Forms to fill out prior to your visit:

You can expedite the check-in process for your first appointment by downloading, printing and completing the following forms prior to your visit. 

At the time of your first visit we will:

  • Confirm your name, appointment time and demographic information
  • Ask you to provide your physician’s orders or referral
  • Make a copy of your insurance card
  • Ask you to pay your co-payment (before the start of each visit), if applicable
  • Ask you to bring any radiological or operative reports that pertain to your treatment

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