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Health Provider Services Organization (HPSO)

Board Meetings

The HPSO Directors meet weekly to monitor the progress of HPSO strategic goals and to develop countermeasures as needed.  All HPSO Directors sit on the HPSO Board. 

The HPSO Board meets once a month to hear updates from items discussed at the weekly meetings and to ensure there is continued alignment of HPSO strategic goals. 

HPSO Director responsibilities include:

  • Owe fiduciary duty to SSH&EC
  • Define, modify and clarify mission
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Budgets and fiscal controls
  • Board education/development/improvement
  • Govern the South Shore Clinical Intergration Network strategy
  • Monitoring of Board directives to ensure implementation
  • Corporate compliance

HPSO Updates to the System Board from Dr. Luke O'Connell, Chair: 

Health Provider Services Organization Report 

April 13, 2016 

Since I last updated the Board in March HPSO has had two events that mark the march of time and the renewal that comes with spring.  Dr. Scott Blanchard has finished his three year term and we gathered at a dinner to say our good byes last week.  We have oriented our new physician director, Dr. Brad Sampson, and will welcome him to the HPSO board in the first week in April and we have kicked off the next iteration of our Leadership Development course. 

Our Leadership Development course is intended to develop the skills of our physician leaders and give them the tools needed to be successful in their roles.  Our initial Leadership course was facilitated by the Advisory Board and was presented on a quarterly basis to a cohort of 50 physicians and administrators through a two year curriculum of didactic lectures and case studies. Our current Leadership course involves a more intense schedule of meetings every 6 weeks with a smaller cadre of 16 leaders (the HPSO directors, the medical staff leadership and a few other selected leaders as well as senior administrators).  The current course is facilitated by Dave Adams and will take a more “hands on” approach to learning (in response to feedback from our 2015 leadership education survey and requests for more practical education).  In addition to the HPSO-sponsored course, the PAE is offering the same course to another cohort during the same time period.  Together, we recognize the need to cultivate and prepare leaders from our medical staff to effectively move us forward in our journey toward a more fully integrated system of care.   

It was with some sadness that we bid farewell to Dr. Blanchard.  Dr. Blanchard, a pediatrician in private practice in Brockton, joined the HPSO board in 2013.  He was elected to the board when Dr. Dunlap, a private practice cardiologist and an original physician director, left the board to assume the presidency of the Massachusetts Medical Society.  Dr. Blanchard had served on the PHO board and we were pleased to welcome him to HPSO and have his perspective as a primary care physician and a former PHO board member.  Dr. Blanchard was a passionate and outspoken advocate for our medical staff and his “fire” will be missed.  At his send off he spoke about his hope for a truly integrated system of care and his excitement for the opportunities such a system will provide to our patients, our doctors and our community. 

I look forward to our continued work and maybe a little warm weather.


Respectfully submitted,

 Dr. Luke O’Connell                                   

Chair of the Board    

Health Provider Services Organization Report
March 9, 2016

For those of us on leadership teams it sometimes seems like the only thing anyone is working on or talking about is Epic. “Outside the beltway,” however, physicians continue to focus on patient care. Even as our Health System is gripped by the demands of the Epic transformation, the Health Provider Services Organization (HPSO) Board is acutely aware that this is not the case for most of our Medical Staff – many of whom will not have an opportunity to install Epic for at least two years. We still need to understand physicians’ concerns and we need to continue to bring physicians together with our Health System and each other.

To improve our communication and connection with physicians, HPSO has been spending time in the community. Drs. Ducko and Blanchard, as well as HPSO’s Senior Project Manager and a Population Health Analyst from our Health System, have met with 16 different practices. They follow a standard agenda that includes:

  • Conducting an “IT Assessment” to inventory IT applications, capture information about ease-of-practice, and elicit suggestions about potential improvement initiatives;
  • Providing physicians with information about our Clinical Integration Network; and
  • Gathering a data reporting wish list.

Our providers have agreed, when surveyed, that the meetings are a good use of their time.  

Our visits have also have led to small, but subtle, improvements. For example, HPSO brought together several key practices with the Registrars from our Cancer Center to change our practice to improve Cancer Registry Workflows.  The changes have resulted in an 18 percent reduction in the number of “request for information” letters that are mailed to physician practices (approximately 160 fewer letters per month).  HPSO’s team also was able to provide information to our practices about our outpatient rehabilitation services and to alert South Shore Medical Center (SSMC) that they should add our outpatient rehab center as a preferred rehab provider. Finally, HPSO’s team has spread the word to physicians about the ability to upload outside radiology images. This has resulted in an increase in the upload volume by 50 percent which allows physicians to view imaging results provided by their patients, avoiding duplicate testing.

Our grassroots outreach will be critical to a successful Epic install. It is through HPSO’s continued connections to our community physicians and through listening to the voice of our physician customers that we will be able to lay the foundation for the Epic outreach in the future.

Dr. Luke O’Connell                                       
Chair of the Board      


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