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Health Provider Services Organization (HPSO)

Board Meetings

The HPSO Directors meet weekly to monitor the progress of HPSO strategic goals and to develop countermeasures as needed.  All HPSO Directors sit on the HPSO Board. 

The HPSO Board meets once a month to hear updates from items discussed at the weekly meetings and to ensure there is continued alignment of HPSO strategic goals. 

HPSO Director responsibilities include:

  • Owe fiduciary duty to SSH&EC
  • Define, modify and clarify mission
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Budgets and fiscal controls
  • Board education/development/improvement
  • Govern the South Shore Clinical Intergration Network strategy
  • Monitoring of Board directives to ensure implementation
  • Corporate compliance

The HPSO Chair attends all Hospital and System Board meetings and provides a monthly HPSO update to the System Board:

HPSO Monthly Update to the System Board from Dr. Luke O'Connell, Chair 

Health Provider Services Organization Report 

September 14, 2016 

Now that South Shore Health System’s five-year strategic objectives and one-year improvement priorities have been refined, the Health Provider Services Organization (HPSO) Board is ready to begin honing-in on its own FY2017 priorities and developing targets for our initiatives in support our Health System’s short- and long-range plans. We are in the process of seeking information from key opinion leaders, through conferences and during gemba (where the work gets done) visits to learn more about the topics relevant to our proposed projects:


Engage providers in planning for the variety of ways that they will be interacting with Epic (e.g., EpicCare Link, Community Connect) – Mike Sperling, Executive Director of Information Systems, was invited to a HPSO Management meeting as a special guest to educate our group on the differences between the various Epic products. 
We are in the process of scheduling our next Community Connect Task force meeting with the Compliance team to review the EHR Donation Summary and better understand the regulations. We also will work closely with Shaun Hilditch, IT Communications Lead, to develop our communication plan in preparation for our Epic-related practice outreach to begin in January 2017.   Finally, we are working with the South Shore Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) to plan a visit with Care New England which has announced the implementation of Epic’s Community Connect electronic health record platform in the Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation.  We would like to learn more details about how they approached their roll-out plan.


Develop a Clinical Integration Network to improve quality, efficiency and care experience & attract outside groups to the South Shore Health System – HPSO will continue to work closely with Matt Whalen, Executive Director, South Shore PHO, while planning and implementing this initiative.  He has already given our group an overview on Epic, the Medicare Access and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization Act of 2015 (known as “MACRA”) and Clinical Integration as separate topics while also illustrating the relationship and overlap between the three areas.  In addition, we are keeping abreast of details associated with MACRA through presentations by our Quality Team and through The Advisory Board.  Dr. Zeshan Rajput, Director of Business Intelligence, will be our next guest to help us dig deeper into the topic of how to develop a Clinical Integration Network and to begin deciding on FY2017 Q1 targets.  Finally, several members of our team have registered to attend the Advocate Physician Partners Symposium “The Journey from Clinical Integration to Population Health” on October 6 & 7, 2016, to further develop our practical knowledge on this topic.

Provide relevant education to support FY17 initiatives and promote effective clinical & strategic leadership by physiciansHPSO plans to sponsor physician education sessions related to Epic, Clinical Integration, MACRA and opioid prescribing but will focus on implementing training and education on MD Communication and improving H-CAHPS scores for this area.  We will work hand-in-hand with Drs. John Walsh, President, and Kim Dever, First Vice President, for the Medical Staff, as well as
Susan Romano, Patient Experience Consultant, to review the current state of MD communication as it relates to patients.


Develop a comprehensive Pain Stewardship Program for acute pain management & spread prescribing standards beyond our health system through regional, state and national organizations including American Colleges and
MA Chapters for associated specialties –
HPSO plans to take the Opioid Task Force to the next level and evolve into a Pain Stewardship Committee as proposed in recent Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) Guidelines for Prescription Opioid Management within Hospitals.  A Pain Stewardship toolkit is in the process of being developed by the MHA Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment Task Force and will serve as the source of our targets for this initiative. 


Successful implementation of the above strategies will contribute to goals of the Triple Aim, support our Health System’s behavioral health initiatives, advance colleague engagement, and promote the successful implementation of Epic.


 Respectfully submitted,


 Dr. Luke O’Connell               

Chair of the Board


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