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Standing with feet shoulder width apart squat down. Make sure that you sit back keeping your knees behind your toes. You should also take care not to let your knees collapse in as you squat down. This exercise should be performed in a controlled manner through a pain free arc of motion. Consult your health care professional regarding recommended sets, repetitions and frequency for your case.
Hip: Strength
Lie on your back with your knees bent up as shown. Gently raise your buttocks up and off of the...
Hip: Strength
Prone Hip Extension
Lie on your stomach and place a pillow under your hips. Raise your leg straight up behind you. Be...
Hip: Strength
Sidelying Hip Abduction
Lie on the uninvolved side with bottom leg bent and top leg straight as shown. Gently raise top leg...
Hip: Strength
Sidelying Hip Adduction
Lie on the involved side with bottom leg straight and top leg bent as shown. Gently raise the...
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