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Health Provider Services Organization (HPSO)

Latest Updates


"Developing Standards to Decrease the # of Pills Prescribed Post Procedure"

With the help of Colleagues throughout South Shore Health Systems HPSO has developed the "Opioid Task Force" which meets the first Thursday of every month at 2 Pond Park (3rd Floor Conference Room) from 7am-8am.  This Opioid Task Force (OTF) has engaged 8 surgical specialties to date which include:  SS Urology, General Surgery, SS Orthopedics, Podiatry, Thoracic Surgery, Breast Surgery, Neurosurgery and Ob/Gyn.  Members of the OTF have developed standards to lower the numberof pills prescribed by procedure, developed pain management guidelines to educate patients after surgery, and sponosored, through HPSO, provider education on topics such as, "Opioid Use Disorder:  Scope of the Problem, Diagnosis and Treatment" and "How to Effectively Communication with Patients When Prescribing Opiates". 

See the Opioid Task Force video below for more information on the team's great work:


"Working to Significantly Increase Provider Outreach Efforts"

Communication is an essential component of HPSO’s mission to 1) Align the interests of the community, physicians and hospital; 2) Provide physicians a voice in strategic planning; and, 3) Ensure a legacy of top caliber physicians. As part of strategic planning for FY2016, HPSO is developing what strives to be a more effective provider outreach process that emphasizes face-to-face meetings with physicians at their community practice locations. In the past, HPSO has relied mostly on physician survey responses and attendance at department meetings to gather and share information from providers within the SSHEC community; however, these approaches are limited in their ability to elicit specific, actionable feedback from HPSO’s customers, the active medical staff of South Shore Hospital.

The HPSO management team has been working diligently over the last year to develop leadership skills and learn Lean principles. A central concept that has been ingrained during these trainings is this: Effective leadership involves going to the “gemba” or the place where the work happens. HPSO’s FY2016 communication strategy is founded on the premise that in-person visits with medical staff at their practice sites or in their clinical departments will allow for more meaningful conversations and a deeper understanding of each provider’s work experience. As a result, HPSO will be better positioned to gather feedback and involve physicians in their other FY2016 strategies, including the development and spread of clinical integration projects in targeted areas and the engagement of community providers in the planning and adoption of a unified electronic health record (EHR).

In preparation for FY2016, tools and collateral are being developed to help support a more effective communication strategy across the system. Several SSHEC entities (PAE, HPSO, PHO, and Physician and Network Development) are collaborating to create a comprehensive and current provider and practice database using Salesforce, a customer relationship management system, to aid in the scheduling, tracking, and cross-communication of provider visits. A centralized, user-friendly tracking process will allow the various entities to coordinate their practice visits, avoid redundancy, and reduce message fatigue.  

For more information or to schedule a practice visit with a member of HPSO, please email Christine Just, HPSO Senior Project Manager, at Christine_Just@sshosp.org or Patti Napolitano, HPSO Project Coordinator at Patricia_Napolitano@sshosp.org


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