There’s good news for adults who want expert care and continuing education about diabetes management.

The Diabetes Center, located at South Shore Hospital on Center One, is an American Diabetes Association recognized diabetes self-management education program that provides specialized services to people with pre-diabetes, newly-diagnosed diabetes, or those who have been managing their diabetes for years.  In addition, services are offered to women who are pregnant and have either pre-existing diabetes and/or gestational diabetes.   

The diabetes health care team will complete a health assessment, in addition to providing essential information to develop the necessary skills for self-management of diabetes, as well as motivation to make lasting behavior changes.  You may have concerns about your diabetes or want assistance making healthy lifestyle changes.  Based on your individual situation, we will create a personalized program to provide the support and encouragement you need.   Our certified registered nurse diabetes educators and dietitians offer instruction and support to help you make lifestyle changes to prevent long-term complications and to stay as healthy as possible.