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Concussion Management Clinic

Sports Concussion Clinic

Concussion is the most common head injury in youth sports and is seen on football and soccer fields, volleyball and basketball courts, skating rinks and wherever youth sports activities take place. Over the past decade, the evaluation, management and treatment of concussions in children and teens have evolved rapidly.teen playing football

Physicians in Southeastern Massachusetts now have access to the Sports Concussion Clinic at South Shore Hospital and its integrated, multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of sports-related concussions. The program combines Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (or ImPACT), specialized physician visits and physical therapy-based rehabilitation to facilitate safe return to play for student athletes and, when appropriate, their return to academics.

South Shore Hospital's Youth Sports Concussion Clinic addresses the specific needs of young athletes (18 years and younger) who sustain a sports-related concussion. The clinic is led by Janet Kent, MD, who is board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and has worked with patients with brain injuries for more than 10 years.

Physicians evaluate young athletes suspected of having a concussion. The doctor explains the proper management of the injury to athletes and their parents, prescribes any needed medications and treatments to control or improve symptoms and medically clears athletes for safe return to play when they are fully recovered.

A pediatric staff member, explains, “A lot of what we thought we knew about evaluating concussions in the past was quite subjective. Thanks to recent advancements and ImPACT neurocognitive testing, a program like ours is able to get more measured data that is very specific and accurate to help us diagnose and manage concussions, and to know when an athlete has recovered and can safely return to sports and school.”

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ImPACT Neurocognitive Testing - Ending the Guessing Game in Concussion Recovery

The Sports Concussion Clinic at South Shore Hospital utilizes ImPACT, a computerized neurocognitive evaluation system specifically designed for detecting the effects of sports concussion, measuring the severity of the injury and gauging recovery. The first, most widely used testing of its kind, ImPACT is instrumental in assuring a more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment and recovery plan.

Traditional neurodiagnostic tests — such as CT, MRI and EEG — often do not provide the hard evidence needed to diagnose a concussion, because the tests are generally insensitive in measuring the subtle neurological changes that may follow a concussion.

Athletes at all levels can take a baseline ImPACT test to establish the brain’s “normal” level of functioning. The baseline test results are stored for comparison to postconcussion test results. Baseline and postconcussive neurocognitive testing are currently used by the MLB, NHL, NASCAR and NFL, including the New England Patriots.

Sometimes an athlete may need additional therapy in order to help them return to the field. South Shore Hospital has physical therapists who are specially trained to treat this patient population.

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Concussion Management Clinic

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