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Discharge Checklists

Planning ahead

 r I have transportation home.

 r I’ve made arrangements at my job, if needed.

 r I’ve made arrangements for a caregiver, if needed.

 r I’ve set up my home for medical equipment, if needed.

 r I have a list of all my medications.

 r I have my physician’s contact information.

Questions to ask

  1. How should I expect to feel during the next few days?
  2. If I experience pain or discomfort, what should I do?
  3. Who should I call if there is an urgent issue?
  4. Do I need any outpatient therapy?
  5. What activities should I avoid when I return home?
  6. When can I operate a motorized vehicle?
  7. When can I return to work/school?
  8. Can I shower/bathe when I get home?
  9. Do I need to follow a specific diet? 
  10. When should I return for my follow up appointment?

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