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Ways to Give

Gift-Generating Income

The most common donations to the South Shore Hospital Charitable Foundation are outright gifts, such as cash or check, which we receive right away. But many people prefer to hold on to their money and assets, because they want to be sure they can meet their family’s future financial needs. These individuals are often pleased to learn about the various giving alternatives we have available, that allow them to make a gift while assuring their fiscal security. One of these options may be right for you. To learn more about any of the following Legacy Giving options, contact Pat Thompson for a confidential conversation at 781-624-4061 or email her.

Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Description: A trust that pays either a set income or a variable income to you or those you name before a charitable organization receives the remainder.
  • Tax Benefits: Income tax savings from deduction, no capital gains tax liability, possible estate tax savings.
  • Other Benefits: Provides a fixed or variable annual income for the donor or other beneficiary.

Charitable Gift Annuity

  • Description: A contract in which a charitable organization agrees to pay you back a percentage of your gift annuity for your lifetime.
  • Tax Benefits: Immediate income tax deduction for part of the gift’s value, with capital gains spread out over your life expectancy.
  • Other Benefits: Gives you and/or another beneficiary fixed payments for life.

Charitable Lead Trust

  • Description: A trust that pays an income to a charitable organization for a period of years before you or your heirs receive the remainder.
  • Tax Benefits: Gift and/or estate tax savings for the value of payments made to the organization.
  • Other Benefits: Allows you to pass assets to heirs intact at a reduced cost.

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