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Health Provider Services Organization (HPSO)

Health Provider Services Organization (HPSO)

Health Provider Services Organization of the South Shore is a not-for-profit organization focused on improving and expanding health care access, quality, availability and efficiency.

HPSO Mission.png

Our mission is to ensure that we:

  • Align the interests of the community, physicians and hospital.
  • Provide physicians a voice in strategic planning.
  • Ensure a legacy of top caliber physicians.

Our values are the following:

  • Communicate with our customers in an effective and efficient manner to share initiatives and gather feedback.           
  • Mobilize groups to solve problems together, provide venues for care improvement, and drive patients to right level of care.      
  • Attract new MDs/members by demonstrating improved ease of practice and better outcomes         
  • Represent the physician perspective in strategic planning
  • Educate physicians on how to be leaders and catalysts for change

HPSO is a subsidiary of South Shore Health System.  It is governed by a Board of five Medical Staff-elected physicians and four Hospital-appointed administrators, supported by an executive director. HPSO represents the entirety of South Shore Hospital’s Medical Staff members and is not predisposed to any one particular type of physician or practice model.

To deliver on our mission, HPSO is focused on 4 priorities to more fully engage and align South Shore Hospital Medical Staff members in building a System of Care:

The Ambassador Program in FY2016 will focus on outreach to community providers via a more standardized process.  Our goal is to increase alignment between community physicians and the system through effective two-way communication, increased collaboration among practices trying to achieve the same goals, and improved digital and printed communication.

South Shore Clinical Integration Network (SSCIN) is a dynamic group of physicians and other care providers who represent South Shore Hospital’s broad Medical Staff.  The SSCIN’s purpose is to strengthen clinical processes, communication and coordination to improve quality, efficiency and the patient care experience.  Thirty physician and administrative leaders meet regularly in pursuit of a common goal – to demonstrate how the consistent adoption of agreed-upon clinical protocols can positively impact both patients and providers.

Professional Leadership Development Series:  HPSO is committed to helping South Shore Hospital’s Medical Staff members build their leadership skills to successfully navigate changes in health care delivery and payments. In FY2016, HPSO is planning to take professional leadership education to the next level by providing more relevant & demonstrable leadership skills to physician leaders throughout the system.

Strategic Planning:  HPSO as an organization is accountable to develop and deliver on its own strategic goals, and to ensure those remain aligned with the South Shore Health Sytem’s strategic goals.  HPSO remains dedicated to providing opportunities to physicians to ensure they continue to play a key role in developing strategic initiatives that will result in building an improved system of care. The HPSO programs and governance structure outlined on this website were created to drive physician engagement.


Contact us at HPSO@sshosp.org


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