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Marjorie, RN

Staff Nurse
Newborn nursery/Postpartum unit

Marjorie, RN, Staff Nurse, Newborn Nursery/Postpartum UnitAfter 28 years at South Shore Hospital, Marjorie wanted to jumpstart her career by returning to bedside nursing. So the nurse manager chose a fantastic place for new beginnings – the Newborn Nursery and Postpartum Unit.

Marjorie started working at South Shore 30 years ago, first as a staff nurse on a medical-surgical unit. Her later roles included assistant nurse manager, nurse manager and administrative clinical coordinator (ACC), the last of which she did for 18 years. Seeking a better work-life balance, Marjorie opted to return to bedside nursing, a transition she acknowledges was both exciting and challenging.

Marjorie needed to learn about newborns – it had been more than two decades since her own three children were tiny babies (two of them are nurses at South Shore now!). Although the grandmother of one was not a complete novice, she took some outside seminars and attended classes on the unit for new parents. Nevertheless, Marjorie comfortably slid back into bedside nursing by drawing on the skills she had acquired throughout the years. She also had no problem seeking out more experienced nurses to mentor her. In fact, one of her present colleagues trained her when she first started at South Shore in the late 70s.

Although Marjorie sometimes misses the adrenaline rush of med-surg, she refers to her unit as a “good busy.” There is a high volume of patients with a lot of turnover, but it’s generally a happy place where people get better and return home. After years of taking care of patients with multi-system failure, the cheerful mood of the maternity department is a much-appreciated change. One of her favorite parts of the job is teaching new parents in the short time they stay at the hospital. But she has found that parents these days tend to educate themselves a lot via the Internet, asking more appropriate questions of the nurses.

No matter what title Marjorie is wearing – staff nurse, nurse manager, administrative clinical coordinator – most people simply know and respect her as a nurse. “My house is like a little clinic in the neighbor,” says Marjorie, referring to neighbors and friends who call or come over for advice. She laughs about getting phone calls that go like this: “My son got hurt playing hockey, this is what he did, do you think it’s broken?” And she jokes, “Oh, I can tell with my x-ray vision through the phone…”

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