MNA Strikes and Picketing

Strikes and Picketing by Nurses Represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association

The Massachusetts Nurses Association has become more militant in its dealings with hospitals.  Between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2012, the MNA authorized strikes at three hospitals.  Before that, you probably remember the lengthy strikes at Brockton Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital.  The Brockton Hospital strike lasted for 104 days.  If the MNA calls a strike, the hospital can permanently replace those nurses who are involved in an economic strike. 

Even a short strike has ramifications for nurses and their hospital.  Consider the impact of a one-day strike like the MNA had at Baystate Franklin Medical Center in October 2012.  The local media covered that strike extensively, reporting that nearly 600 people held signs and marched outside the hospital.  Can you imagine what it would be like if it happened here?  We could lose patients not just for that day, but forever, after they see a mob marching around our hospital with signs calling the staffing unsafe and criticizing the hospital's administration. 

In addition to strikes, the MNA frequently resorts to informational picketing when it cannot get a hospital to do what it wants.  During the two-year period from January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2012 alone, for example, the MNA picketed at 10 hospitals (picketing some more than once during that period).  This picketing often involves nurses shouting anti-hospital slogans through a bullhorn.

Recent Picketing by Nurses Represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association  






Quincy Medical Center



December 10-21

UMass Memorial Medical Center

November 19

MetroWest Medical Center/Leonard Morse Campus

November 8

UMass Memorial Medical Center

August 9

Baystate Franklin Medical Center

February 28

Baystate Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice



November 28-29

Baystate Visiting Nurse Association

November 9

Cooley Dickinson Hospital

August 24

Cooley Dickinson Hospital

June 15

Beverly Hospital

May 19-20

Cape Cod Hospital

May 19

UMass Memorial/Health-Alliance Leominster Campus Hospital

May 16

Berkshire Medical Center

March 16

Tufts Medical Center

February 14

St. Vincent Hospital



October 13

UMass Memorial Medical Center

July 22

Cambridge Hospital

April 13

Quincy Medical Center

March 17

Morton Hospital

February 11

Tufts Medical Center and Boston Medical Center



August 20

Boston Medical Center

April 15

Mercy Medical Center