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Fighting Cancer with Your Fork

While cancer can be an overwhelming topic, there are things we can do—like make simple food swaps—to help fend against the disease. The videos below will help you see how food can be used in a positive way help fortify your body.

Part 1—Fighting Cancer with Your Fork

Part 2—The American Diet

Part 3—Prevention and Your Dinner Plate

Part 4—Sugar and Cancer

Part 5—Organic vs. Conventional: What's right for me? 

Part 6—Supplements 

Part 7 —Obesity and Cancer Risk

Part 8 —Conclusions

Dana-Farber Nutrition App

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute also launched a free, easy-to-use Apple iPhone® app that provides recipes and nutrition information that can be searched by cancer patients in accordance with their needs. The recipes are also helpful to anyone who wants to have a healthy diet. Learn More.