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Online Resources

South Shore Hospital

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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Harbor Medical Associates

American Cancer Society: Information for patients and families on diagnosis and treatment, cancer prevention, alternative treatments, links to other cancer resources.

American Institute for Cancer Research: Learn how to make simple changes in your diet to reduce your cancer risk.  Recipes, information on free publications, and links to cancer and nutrition sites are included.

Cancer.gov: From the National Cancer Institute, information on cancer for the patient and the health professional.  Includes information on cancer prevention, causes, genetics, and support resources.  Has summaries of cancer treatment protocols from the Physician Data Query database with statements for the patient and for the physician.

Cancer Trials: From the National Cancer Institute, search for information on 1,500 current research studies on cancer.  Includes information defining clinical trials, how to search for studies, how to participate.

Complementary/Integrative Medicine Educational Resources: From the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, Houston, this site has evidence-based reviews of complementary or alternative cancer therapies, as well as links to other authoritative resources.  These reviews evaluate the designs and the results of published research on herbal, mind-body, energy, nutrition, and other biological / organic / pharmacologic substances.

OncoLink: The best cancer resource on the Internet.  Information for physicians and patients on causes, diagnosis, current treatment protocols, screening, emotional support, clinical trials, complementary therapies, and more.  Entire site is searchable.

Additional Resources

Opportunities through South Shore Hospital

South Shore Hospital offers a wide range of cancer care programs, such as pain management, rehabilitation services, visiting nurses, and hospice care.  You and your family also can participate in cancer prevention programs, such as free screenings for skin or prostate cancer.

Please visit our Cancer Care pages.

Opportunities through DF/BWCC

As a Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center patient, you can take advantage of many offerings in Boston’s Longwood Medical Area, including clinical services, education, support, and genetic counseling.

To learn more, visit dfbwcc.org or request a copy of the patient handbook or DVD, available in the patient education center or online.


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