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Rehabilitation Services

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is provided for individuals with cognitive, communication, and swallowing problems resulting from stroke, head/neck tumors, neurological disorders, or chronic and developmental conditions. Problems such as slurred speech, voice impairment, swallowing difficulty, cognitive impairment, decreased memory or word finding difficulty in adults are treated by the Speech and Language Pathologist.speech therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Children of all ages and all diagnoses may be referred for outpatient speech therapy services. Speech-Language Pathologists help children express their wants/needs and communicate for social interaction. Articulation, language, stuttering, and voice treatment are also provided.

Adult Speech Therapy

Speech-Language Pathologists work to restore pre-injury function, as well as establish compensatory strategies for communicating and swallowing. Services target clarity of speech, comprehension and expression, or difficulty swallowing. Treatment is centered on diet modifications, compensatory strategies, and oral-pharyngeal exercises. Voice and stuttering treatment is also provided.

Our therapists work closely with the referring physician to accomplish each patient's individualized goals and/or restore/maintain each patient’s functional mobility based on the referring diagnosis.


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