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Summary MNA Bylaws

Summary of Selected Provisions of the Massachusetts Nurses Association Bylaws

This page summarizes selected provisions of the Massachusetts Nurses Association’s Bylaws (dated 2004, which is the most recent version available).  You can see a copy of the full bylaws with the following sections highlighted here

Article II, Section 5.a, p.5:  The Voting Body (see definition below) of the MNA sets dues at the annual business meeting.  This is done by a majority vote of the Voting Body.  Lapse of dues payments is cause for immediate cessation of MNA membership. 

Therefore, if the MNA represented nurses at South Shore Hospital and negotiated a union security clause in the contract, a nurse could be fired for failing to pay MNA dues.

Article IV, Section 1, p.7:  MNA members are subject to discipline in accordance with the MNA Board of Directors' discipline policy for conduct including, but not limited to, violating the MNA Bylaws and advocating for or engaging in secession from or elimination of the MNA as a bargaining representative or actively seeking to obtain representation rights for another union. 

Therefore, if the MNA represented nurses at South Shore Hospital, a nurse-MNA member could be disciplined by the MNA if they sought to remove the MNA as the their representative or if they sought to replace the MNA with another union.

Article XI, Section 5, p.17:  The MNA's Board of Directors can generate additional revenue for the operation of the MNA's Labor Program by assessing nurses represented by the MNA additional fees beyond the regular MNA dues.  The Board of Directors can do this without seeking the members' approval. 

Therefore, the dues that the MNA publishes represent the minimum that a nurse must pay if they become a member of the MNA.

Article XI, Section 6.a, pp.17-18:  If the nurses choose to be represented by the MNA, then the bargaining unit will have to establish a set of bylaws governing the bargaining unit (this is separate and apart from bargaining a contract with the hospital) and elect a bargaining unit chairperson and other officers.  The bylaws also require the nurses to select a collective bargaining committee who will negotiate a contract with the hospital and administer the contract after it is ratified. 

Therefore, the nurses not only will have to bargain with the hospital, they will also have to establish a bureaucracy to govern their union activities.

Article XIV, Sections 4 and 6, p.20:  The Voting Body at any annual or special business meeting of the MNA is the Board of Directors, MNA members, and a designated representative of the organizational affiliates who have registered as in attendance at the meeting.  The Voting Body takes positions, determines policies, and sets direction on substantive issues of a broad nature. 

Therefore, if the nurses at South Shore Hospital become members of the MNA, they could be subject to policies and MNA positions on a broad range of subjects that may favor the interests of nurses working at other hospitals over their interests simply because they are outnumbered at the annual business meeting.