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Home Health Care

The Luminaria medal is awarded to individuals in our community who have helped light the path to compassionate patient care through their significant contributions to Home Care and other health care programs.

Technology and Innovations in Home Care

The Latest Technology

Advances in health care technology are making it possible for more and more patients to receive highly complex treatments safely and conveniently at home. At South Shore Hospital's Home Care Division, we stay up-to-date with the latest medical equipment and technologies. We are dedicated to making these innovations available to our patients as quickly as possible.

We also stay abreast of the recent technological advancements that can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of our documentation and business processes. Unlike some other agencies, we utilize the technology necessary to assure that our clinicians are not bogged down with paper work or office functions. Instead, our staff is able to spend more of time with our patients – which is where our clinicians want to be.

Here are just a few examples of some of the advanced technologies we offer:

Healthy@Home Telemonitoring

Telemonitoring is an exciting new technology that has helped us enhance care for our patients who require daily medical attention. A sophisticated web-based system, Healthy@Home allows us to keep track of a patient’s health status even when a nurse isn’t present in the home.

Home telemonitoring allows us to monitor vital patient data between in-person nursing visits. Telemonitoring equipment takes patients’ vital signs on a daily basis and sends the information directly to our staff via a secure web server, allowing for early intervention in managing the patient’s condition or disease. Any irregularities can be caught before they become significant problems. There is no gap in medical attention from one home visit to the next.

Healthy@Home alerts us to even the most minor changes in a patient’s condition. We can then respond accordingly to any health issue, if deemed necessary. As a result, we are able to avoid potentially serious medical problems or complications.

Telemonitoring helps us reduce patients’ hospital and emergency room visits, as well as trips to the doctor’s office. It also gives our patients a more active role in their own care, increases their sense of independence, and brings them greater peace-of-mind.

Electronic Patient Records

Our electronic patient record management system gives us a complete, round-the-clock picture of a patient’s status and history. The computerized system ensures well-coordinated care for our patients, which is especially important for patients who see multiple clinicians. Patient records are updated at each home visit by staff using laptop computers and a secure web server. The information can then be shared between all members of the care team involved in providing each patient’s care. In addition, electronic medical records help staff avoid scheduling conflicts.

Advanced Wound Care (VAC)

Not so long ago, medical treatments for non-healing and slow healing wounds required extended hospitalization. Today, however, South Shore VNA is bringing a high level of wound care technology to the home setting. We now employ certified wound nurses with extensive knowledge in advanced wound care therapy: Vacuum-Assisted Closure (VAC).

Wound VAC is an advanced, non-invasive system used to reduce healing time and improve outcomes for wound patients. The system uses controlled negative pressure to remove infectious materials and other fluids while stimulating the growth of healthy tissue to help promote wound healing.

The VAC dressing can be used for these type of wounds:

  • chronic
  • acute
  • traumatic
  • open surgical
  • burns
  • pressure and diabetic ulcers
  • flaps and grafts

South Shore VNA nurses are specially trained and highly qualified to work with wound VAC dressings and systems. They also teach patients and caregivers how to manage the VAC system. 

If you or a loved one has a wound you think may benefit from advanced wound therapy and would like more information call the South Shore VNA or your physician.  VAC therapy must be prescribed by your physician and approved by your insurance.


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