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Two Questions to Ask the MNA

We have been providing you with information about the Massachusetts Nurses Association on this website. We are doing this because it is important that you have all of the facts about the MNA. In addition to reviewing the information on this website, you should feel free to ask the MNA questions to find out more information. Here are some questions you can ask the MNA and the answer you should get if the MNA answers truthfully. We’ll have more of these important questions in the coming weeks.

Week of April 1

1.  If the MNA represented the nurses at SSH, is there any chance that we could end up on strike like the nurses at Brockton Hospital, Baystate Franklin Medical Center and now Quincy Medical Center?

Answer: There is always a chance. No one knows what the results of bargaining may be, and the Hospital certainly does not want a strike and would do all it could to prevent one. But the MNA regularly threatens and calls strikes and conducts picketing at hospitals. If the MNA is your representative, a strike is always a possibility.

2.  Will I ever have to strike and picket for even one day like the nurses at MNA-represented nurses at Quincy Medical Center voted to do this week?

Answer: No one knows for sure, but have you heard of any situation where nurses who are not represented by the MNA have gone on strike and picketed a hospital?

Week of March 18

1.  Why hasn't the MNA been upfront and told me I could lose some benefits that I now have as a result of collective bargaining?

Answer: Of course the MNA should be upfront with you, but the MNA hasn’t been honest with you because it knows that nurses will reject the MNA when they find out the reality about the risks of collective bargaining. So the MNA chooses to try to hide the truth from you.

2.  How much dues money does the MNA stand to collect from South Shore Hospital nurses each year?

Answer: Nearly $1 million dollars a year. The union won’t say so, but the MNA’s real motivation to represent SSH nurses is to get this money from them each and every year.

Week of February 12

1. Can the MNA guarantee I will get back my super diffs?

Answer: No. If the MNA represents the nurses, it can do no more than ask the Hospital to restore the super diffs.  No MNA promises come true unless the Hospital agrees.

2. Is it true that MNA contracts require hospitals to fire nurses who don’t pay MNA union dues or an agency fee?

Answer: Absolutely. This type of provision is commonplace in MNA contracts. Why? The MNA demands that all nurses “pay the freight.”  If you don’t, it has no use for you and it will demand you be fired.

We hope you will check this website regularly. We will be posting additional questions you can ask the MNA to understand what MNA representation is all about.