What to Expect from SSH

You will receive information from the hospital about the MNA specifically and unionization in general. 

We believe it is important for you to have all of the relevant information available as you evaluate the Massachusetts Nurses Association’s sales pitch.  This is an important decision for you, our patients, our hospital, and our community.

Our goal is to provide information with which you can educate yourself, prior to making a decision about whether or not to sign an MNA union authorization card.  We believe this information will help you make a fully informed decision.   

Your nurse manager likely will approach you to discuss the MNA and unionization, and union authorization cards.  Your manager’s purpose will be to provide you with information that will help you to make a decision about whether or not to sign an MNA union authorization card.  Deciding whether or not to sign a union authorization card is a very important decision.  Like any other important decision, dialogue can be very useful.