What to Expect from the MNA

What is the MNA?

The Massachusetts Nurses Association, a labor union of nurses, is attempting to become the exclusive representative of South Shore Hospital RNs.  The MNA has tried and failed — at least three times — to organize SSH nurses.

The MNA is:

  • A labor union, not a professional nurses organization
  • A minor player, it represents less than 24% of the registered nurses in Massachusetts
  • Militant, the MNA withdrew from the American Nurses Association (ANA) because the ANA was not militant enough
  • A small fish, the MNA is part of the California-based union, National Nurse United
  • Expensive, the MNA charges its members nearly $1000 a year in union dues
  • Unprofessional, in the last two years, the MNA has authorized strikes at three hospitals and picketed at ten hospitals
  • Ineffective, the same issues the MNA complains about at non-union hospitals exist at MNA-represented hospitals

The truth is, the MNA is just another labor union that represents nursing.  They do so ineffectively and in an unprofessional manner while charging their members nearly $1000 a year for the privilege.  The MNA is a poor fit for patient-focused, professional nurses at SSH.