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Wound Care

Wound Care

About our Center for Wound Healing

Some wounds are difficult to heal

While time is supposed to heal most wounds, some wounds do not heal over time. There are instances when natural healing falls short and a wound becomes an ongoing problem, leading to medical complications.wound care

When the body’s natural healing process fails and standard medical care doesn’t solve the problem, specialized treatment may provide the answer. Our Center for Wound Healing focuses on treating the most difficult, non-healing wounds.

We have brought together a team of wound care experts and advanced technologies to offer the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatment options available for the management of complex wounds. Our team of specialists has advanced training and experience in therapies designed to heal wounds that have resisted healing for months, or even years.

Getting back into life

In addition to experiencing ongoing pain or discomfort, people with chronic wounds are often unable to fully participate in activities they once enjoyed.  At South Shore Hospital's Center for Wound Healing, our goal is to help wounds heal quickly to bring our patients greater comfort and an improved quality of life. When traditional treatment has failed, we are often able to help our patients heal and get back to the activities they have missed.

The conditions we treat

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic, non-healing wounds from a variety of causes. Our Center uses a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of many types of chronic, non-healing wounds. Our specialists use the latest research and innovations in wound treatment, making it possible for us to help accelerate healing and reduce the risk of serious complications. 

Specialized care for complex wounds

A surprising number of people require wound care at some point in their lives. Around 15 percent of patients with diabetes will have a chronic, non-healing wound during their lifetimes. Patients may experience a non-healing wound for reasons other than diabetes, such as radiation therapy, trauma or another medical condition.

A wound that doesn’t heal can generate many complex challenges. Thanks to recent advances in the field of wound care, quite effective treatments are now available for healing chronic wounds. South Shore Hospital's Center for Wound Healing provides leading-edge diagnostic and treatment methods designed to evaluate and promote the healing process.

Because each wound is unique, patients undergo thorough evaluations to identify and assess their wounds, determine the underlying causes of resistance to healing, and tailor an individualized treatment plan. 

Patients of the wound care center are considered part of the team committed to managing their condition. Working together, the team strives to manage pain, reduce the risk of serious complications, and help to accelerate healing.

South Shore Hospital's Center for Wound Healing focuses on treating the most difficult, non-healing wounds. Our expert wound care staff is highly skilled in the care of difficult, non-healing wounds. They are specially trained in wound management and hyperbaric treatment, and are dedicated to remaining up-to-date on latest advances in the field. Treatment options include the most recent technology, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Please call 781-624-4950 for more information.

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