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Your Rights

Questions and Answers About Your Rights When You Have a Baby

How long may I stay in the hospital after I give birth?

The federal Newborn’s and Mother’s Health Protection Act of 1996 requires that insurers provide coverage for stays of up to 48 hours after a vaginal birth and stays of up to 96 hours after a Cesarean birth. Your care provider may determine a medical reason for a longer stay.

For more information

If you have questions about your rights when you have a baby, talk to your doctor, nurse, or midwife, or call the Massachusetts Department of Public Health at (617) 624-6095 or (800) 531-6667.

Miscarriage, Pregnancy and Early Infancy Loss Services

South Shore Hospital offers a comprehensive program to support families who have experienced a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Call (781) 682-5015 for information.

What Families and Friends Need to Know About the Privacy of Patient Information

What Is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)?

HIPAA is a federal regulation that protects the privacy of your health information as well as that of your baby. It gives you, the patient, more control over and knowledge about who is using or disclosing your information and for what purpose.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Upon admission to South Shore Hospital, every patient will receive a document called the Notice of Privacy Practices. This notice:

  • Informs you of your rights with regard to your medical information.
  • Discloses South Shore Hospital’s privacy practices and responsibilities.
  • Informs you about the uses and disclosures of your information as required by law.
  • Informs you of your right to file a complaint with South Shore Hospital or the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights.

Any person may request a copy of this notice. It is available on the South Shore Hospital website (southshorehospital.org), in the patient access services office, or by calling South Shore Hospital’s Privacy Officer at (781) 624-8828.

What does this mean to my family or friends?

Mother and Father with NewbornBeing a family member or friend does not automatically entitle one to information about you or your baby other than that contained in the hospital directory.

Your physician, midwife, or nurse may discuss relevant issues with your family or friends as long as you give verbal consent.

Confidentiality and privacy are a priority for hospital staff. All information surrounding labor and birth is confidential. Please make your preferences regarding sharing of information known to the staff at South Shore Hospital. Consider appointing one family member to be a liaison or “information point person.” The staff will honor your decision regarding the amount and nature of information you wish to be shared. Please tell family and friends your individual preferences before your admission.

We understand this entire process may cause a slight inconvenience, but it allows South Shore Hospital to better protect the security of your health information and to respect your wishes.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call the Privacy Officer at (781) 624-8828.


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