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About Us

Edward Hallowell, MD 

Edward Hallowell, MD, founder of the Hallowell Center of Cognitive and Emotional Health in Sudbury, MA, recently spoke to a group of parents about ADHD and teen emotional health at St. Anthony's Parish Center in Cohasset.

Health Knowledge and Risk Prevention through Collaboration, Respect, Connectedness and Coalition Building

The Four C's of Youth Health Connection

  • Connection
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Coalition Building

Awards, Recognitions & Presentations

  • Youth Health Connection was awarded the Massachusetts State Leadership Award in Suicide Prevention, 2011
  • “How Not to Keep a Secret” (HNTKAS) Peer Leader Training Program, listed in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Best Practice Registry, 2010
  • “How Not to Keep a Secret” Peer Leader Training Program listed in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Preventing Suicide Toolkit, 2010
  • Presented at the Massachusetts Annual Suicide Prevention State Conference, 2010

Program Goals

  1. Develop connected relationships with trusted adults
  2. Promote positive mental health and resiliency
  3. Reduce the risk of adolescent suicide through education about depression, destigmatizing asking for help, increasing connection to a trusted adult and implementation of “How Not To Keep A Secret” Peer Leader Training program
  4. Support healthy lifestyles
  5. Encourage positive decision-making
  6. Provide education and awareness of bullying and cyberbullying and models for addressing it in both schools and the community 
  7. Provide education about the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other substances and assist in developing new social norms that do not accept teen substance use
  8. Provide education on sexual development, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease trends, lifestyles, decisions
  9. Promote positive physical health through education about healthy nutrition, physical fitness, exercise and lifestyles
  10. Provide resources and assistance to deal with loss and trauma
  11. Provide support and understanding of learning differences, including ADD
  12. Provide support of teens and families dealing with GLBT lifestyles
  13. Provide education to decrease accidental injury and death such as teen driving safety and concussions

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