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Women's Health

Midwifery Care

What is a Midwife?

Midwives with baby

As part of South Shore Hospital’s commitment to providing exceptional maternity care, we offer a team of highly skilled, board-certified nurse midwives. These obstetric experts are available 24/7 for women who want a midwife for labor and delivery. You may choose a natural, un-medicated birth or have pain medicine or an epidural with a midwife. There is always an OB physician available for emergencies; however, if you have a cesarean birth, the midwife will continue to stay with you to provide support.

About Midwifery: Your Partner for a Lifetime of Wellness

Derived from the old English term meaning “with woman,” a midwife provides expert knowledge and health care services to women in all stages of life from teen years to post-menopause. They’re a true partner, providing a personalized health care experience based on your unique needs and desires.

Though midwifery is long thought to be only related to labor and delivery, it is really just one aspect of the care provided. South Shore midwives are highly educated and skilled at providing a variety of health needs including yearly gynecology exams, pregnancy planning, breastfeeding and postpartum care.   

The collaborative relationship between our doctors and midwives is based on their common goal of preserving the normal aspects of birth, while also providing rapid access to technology and advanced care when needed. While the vast majority of births are healthy and normal, the midwife is prepared to recognize problems early and always has obstetric physician back-up available.

Learn more about the myths and facts of midwifery.

Meet Our Midwives—RSVP Today

South Shore Hospital hosts an open forum for expectant moms and coaches to get to know these birthing specialists. View our calendar of events or call (781) 624-5685 for complete details.


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