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Professional Practice Councils

The Councils

Six governance councils, along with a coordinating executive committee, are accountable for integrating the functions and activities related to patient care services, and support those who provide care.

Managers assume responsibility for providing the necessary resources, while clinical nurses have the authority and responsibility to define, monitor, and advance the practice of care.

Six councils of clinical nurses and supporting managers comprise South Shore Hospital's shared governance structure:

  • Clinical Practice Council
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Home Care Division Practice Council
  • Nursing Research Council
  • Professional Development Council
  • Quality Improvement Council

These six councils are coordinated through the Nursing Executive Committee.  A clinical nurse from each council is an active, full voting member of the Nursing Executive Committee.

Council Initiatives

Clinical Practice Council

  • Designs the nursing practice model
  • Develops standards of nursing care
  • Applies research in practice

Clinical Nurse Specialists

  • Promote and support evidence-based nursing practice by evaluating practice according to professional standards, implementing interventions to develop nursing practice, advocating for resources that impact nursing practice, and role-modeling optimal nursing practice in a manner that promotes optimal patient outcomes.
  • Serve as a change agent by linking bedside practice to the system.  Address change through an upstream and collaborative approach and provide focused initiatives that impact nursing practice and patient outcomes.

Home Care Division Practice Council

  • Provides a mechanism for clinicians to contribute to decisions that improve direct patient care and the work environment.
  • Assesses and recommends modifications of systems which impact clinical practice.
  • Initiates or participates in projects to incorporate evidence-based practices, standards of care, and research findings into clinical processes and documentation tools.
  • Sponsors and supports educational programs with a focus on improvement or expanding clinical practice.

Nursing Research Council

  • Identifies issues for investigation
  • Supports evidence-based practice
  • Encourages nurse involvement in applied nursing research

Professional Development Council

  • Improves outcomes through learning
  • Encourages continual professional development
  • Leads transitional programs (preceptorships, orientation)

Quality Improvement Council

  • Identifies improvement opportunities
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of care
  • Teaches performance improvement principles and activities

Nursing Executive Committee

  • Aligns council work internally and with collaborating disciplines
  • Monitors the need for council resources
  • Guides the strategic development of professional nursing practice

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