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       South Shore Hospital
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            About Us
                 Organization Overview
                      Executive Team
                      Medical Executive Committee
                      Provider Council
                 Care You Deserve
                 Why Choose Us for Care?
                      The 1920s
                      The 1930s
                      The 1940s
                      The 1950s
                      The 1960s
                      The 1970s
                      The 1980s
                      The 1990s
                      The 2000s
                 Commitment to Quality
                      Quality Reports
                 Community Benefits
                      Weymouth Benefits
                 Patient and Family Satisfaction
                 Academic Medical Center Affiliations
                      Why Choose South Shore Hospital?
                      Shared Governance
                           Professional Practice Councils
                      Clinical Professional Development
                           American Nurses Credentialing Center
                           ANCC Magnet Recognition
                           Simulation Laboratory
                      Nursing Resources
                           Collegiate Nursing Programs
                           Clinical Nurse Specialists
                           Helpful Links
                           ICU RN Staffing Ratios
                 Mission, Vision and Values
            Contact Us
                 Give Us Your Feedback
                      Directions and Parking
                      Valet Services
                      To South Shore Hospital
                      To Cancer Center
                      To Center for Orthopedics, Spine, and Sports Medicine
                      To Pre-Surgery Evaluation
                      To South Shore Visiting Nurse Association
                      Center for Wound Healing
                      To Cohasset Radiology
                      To Other Medical Service Locations
                 Campus Map and Parking
                 Courtesy Coach
                 Directions via Public Transportation
                 Valet Services
            Find a Doctor
                 About Our Medical Staff
                 Medical Specialties
                 How to Choose a Physician
            Patients & Visitors
                      My Health Care Bills
                      Hospital Financial Assistance
                      Important Documents
                           Advanced Directives
                      Patient & Family Centered Care
                      Patient Rights
                           Patient Rights and Responsibilities
                           Patients' Speak Up™ Program
                      Patient Services
                           Interpreter Services
                                Hard of Hearing
                                En Espanol
                                     Sus Derechos como Paciente
                                          Cómo evitar errores con sus medicamentos
                                          Cinco cosas que puede hacer para prevenir las infecciones
                                          Planificación de la recuperación
                                          Cómo comprender a los médicos y a los demás profesionales de salud
                                     Información Sobre Seguro y Asistencia Financiera
                                     Mis Cuentas Médicas
                                Em Portugues
                                     Seus direitos como paciente
                                     Informações de Assistência Financeira e Seguros
                                     Sobre Minhas Contas de Cuidados com a Saúde
                           Medical Records
                           Pastoral Care
                      Visiting Guidelines
                      Dining Options
                           This Week's Menu
                      Gift Shops
                           The Friendly Shop
                           The Boutique
                      Hotel Accommodations
            Medical Services
                 Asthma Center
                      Asthma Information
                      Asthma Medications
                      Patient Tools
                      Tools for Schools
                 Back & Spine Care
                      Contact Us
                 Cancer Care
                      Health & Wellness
                      Cancer Programs
                           Inpatient Cancer Care
                           Nutrition Services
                           Pain Management Clinic
                           Rehabilitation Services
                           South Shore Visiting Nurse Association
                      Breast Care Center
                      Cancer Support
                      Helpful Resources
                 Cardiovascular Care
                      About Cardiovascular Disease
                           Peripheral Arterial Disease
                           Know the Symptoms of Stroke
                           Act FAST in Case of Stroke
                      Tests and Procedures
                           EKG and Stress Testing
                           Cardiac MRI and CT
                           Vascular Ultrasound
                           Cardiac Catheterization Lab
                           Vascular Medicine
                      Support Services
                           Cardiac Rehabilitation
                           Cardiac Support Group
                           Pulmonary Rehabilitation
                      Heart Team
                           Home Health Cardiac Team
                      Helpful Resources
                           Read Jack's Story
                           Take Advantage of Our Heart Health Programs
                           Read David's Story
                      Contact Us
                 Clinical Research
                      Research Participants
                           Research Opportunities
                                Cancer Center Research & Clinical Trials
                           Training Requirements
                           Frequently Asked Questions
                      Contact Us
                 Critical Care Unit
                 Diabetes Care
                      Diabetes Services
                      Helpful Resources
                 Emergency Care
                      What to Expect During Your Visit
                      Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
                           Medical Oversight Program
                           Dispatch Center
                           Field Operations
                           Education, Training & Outreach
                           Emergency Preparedness
                           NICU & Maternal Transport Teams
                      Pediatric Emergency Care
                 Home Health Care
                      Home Health Care Services
                           Home and Health Resources
                           Hospice of the South Shore
                                Hospice Services
                                Hospice Team
                                Hospice Volunteer Services
                                Contact Us
                           South Shore Visiting Nurse Association (SSVNA)
                                Skilled Nursing
                                Rehabilitation Services
                                Social Services
                                Specialty Programs
                                South Shore Visiting Nurses Team
                                Contact Us
                      Palliative Care Program
                      Home Care - Service Area
                      Arranging for Services
                      Who Benefits from Home Health Care?
                      Who Pays for Home Care?
                      Why Choose Us?
                      Technology and Innovations in Home Care
                      Caring for Our Community
                      Your Support Makes a Difference
                      Home Health Care - Frequently Asked Questions
                      Patient Satisfaction
                      Contact Us
                      Types of Imaging Services
                           Bone Densitometry
                           Computed Tomography
                                CT Lung Cancer Screening
                           Interventional Radiology
                           Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
                                Breast Imaging Navigator
                                Scheduling Your Visit
                                Follow-Up Care
                           Needle Biopsy
                           Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
                      Obtain a Copy of Your Imaging Records
                      Our Partnership with Shields Health Care
                 Laboratory Services
                      Laboratory Departments
                 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
                      NICU's Mission
                      NICU Team
                      Neonatal Rehabilitation
                      Special Care Nursery
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                      Maternity Care
                      Web Nursery Photos
                      Neonatal Family Advisory Council
                      Helpful Resources
                      Contact Us
                      Meet the Neurology Team
                 Orthopedic Care
                      Orthopedic Conditions We Treat
                      Orthopedic Trauma Services
                      Health & Wellness
                      Orthopedic Diagnosis
                      Orthopedic Treatment
                           Orthopedic Surgery
                      Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Home Care
                      Center for Orthopedics, Spine and Sports Medicine
                           Ambulatory Surgery Center
                           Complete The Loop
                           Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Therapy
                                Rehabilitation Protocols
                                Contact Us
                           Spine Center
                                Frequently Asked Questions
                                Contact Us
                           Diagnostic Imaging (CT, MRI, X-Rays, Ultrasound)
                           Laboratory Services
                           Pain Management
                      Helpful Resources
                           Total Joint Education Class
                           Read Caroline's Story
                           Read Kevin's Story
                      Contact Us
                 Palliative Care
                 Pediatric Care
                      Health & Wellness
                      Helpful Resources
                 Rehabilitation Services
                      The Outpatient Rehabilitation Center
                           Physical Therapy
                           Occupational Therapy
                           Speech Therapy
                           Aquatic Therapy
                      Center for Physical Wellness
                      Inpatient Rehabilitation Services
                           Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
                      South Shore VNA Rehabilitation Services
                      Rehab Locations
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                      Contact Us
                      Surgical Specialties
                           Bariatric Surgery
                           Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Surgery
                           General Surgery
                                South Shore NeuroSpine
                                Hip Replacement
                                Knee Replacement
                                Shoulder Replacement
                           Plastic Surgery
                      Pre-Surgery Instructions
                      Information for Family and Friends
                      Support Services
                           Rehabilitation Services
                           South Shore Visiting Nurse Association
                           Home & Health Resources
                      Financial Information and Insurance
                      Contact Us
                 Trauma Center
                      Trauma Program Staff
                      Facts & Figures
                      Injury Prevention
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                 Urological Care
                 Women's Health
                      Health & Wellness
                      Breast Care Center
                      Cancer Care
                           Bone Densitometry
                      Infertility Services
                      Maternity Care
                           Breastfeeding Support Services
                           Childbirth/Parenting Education
                           Classes & Support Groups
                           Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
                           Gift Shops
                           High-Risk Pregnancy Program
                                Services and Procedures
                           Midwifery Care
                                Meet the Midwives
                                The Myths and Facts of Midwifery
                           Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss
                           OB/GYNs and Midwives Team
                           OB/GYN Locations
                           Pediatric Therapy
                           Virtual Tour
                           Visiting a Maternity Patient
                           Web Nursery Photos
                           Helpful Resources
                                Important Phone Numbers
                                Pregnancy Resource Center
                                Read Esther's Story
                                Other Patient Stories
                                Maternity Health Library
                 Wound Care
                      Types of Wounds
                           Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
                                Frequently Asked Questions
                      Wound Care Team
                      Contact Us
                 Other Programs and Services
                      Ambulatory Care Unit
                      Nutrition Education
                           Meet the Dietitians
                           Nutrition Videos
                           Helpful Resources
                                Read Ronald Dolan's Story
                                Read James Oricchio's Story
                                Healthy Recipes
                      Pain Management Center
                      Corporate Wellness Programs
                      Sleep Center
                           Health & Wellness
                      Smoke-Free Environment
                           Helpful Resources
                      Travel Health Services
                      Helpful Resources and Links
                           Community Links
                           Patient Safety Links
            Classes & Events
            Health & Wellness
                 Prevention of Infectious Disease
                      Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)
                           About Ebola
                      Influenza (Flu)
                 Community Exercise Programs
                 Emergency Preparedness
                 Smoke-Free Environment
                 Youth Health Connection
                      About Us
                      YHC Components
                      Schools & Organizations
                      YHC Projects
                      Resources & Links
                      Contact Us
            SSH Community
            Notice of Privacy Practices
            Joint Commission Public Notice
            Site Map
            Dana-Farber Brigham and Women's Cancer Center in Clinical Affiliation with South Shore Hospital
            Health Provider Services Organization (HPSO)
            The Union Card
       Clinical Improvement Corner
       Volunteer Services
            Volunteer Benefits
            How to Apply

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