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Weymouth Benefits

Benefiting Weymouth

For 90 years, South Shore Hospital has significantly contributed to the health and economic vitality of its hometown of Weymouth.  In ways large and small, Weymouth residents and business benefit from the hospital’s leadership on critical issues and the local availability of advanced clinical care.  Here are some of the many ways that South Shore Hospital contributes to the quality of life and financial well-being of Weymouth:

Providing Financial Support

On May 24, 1993 South Shore Hospital entered into a voluntary agreement with the Town of Weymouth to participate in a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) program in recognition that, while the hospital is legally exempt from local property and other taxes, it does use and benefit from certain town services. 

South Shore Hospital agreed to voluntary contributions to Weymouth based on any expansion of the hospital.  The PILOT formula assures that as South Shore Hospital grows, financial benefits to the Weymouth correspondingly grow.  The agreement specifies the voluntary nature of the PILOT program and provides the hospital with the ability to avoid contributions in any year when it would create an unacceptable financial hardship.  South Shore Hospital has not missed a PILOT contribution since the program’s inception.

South Shore Hospital’s voluntary contributions to Weymouth tripled between 2007-2011 – increasing 300 percent to more than $500,000 a year.  As a result, South Shore Hospital is the largest single “taxpayer” in Weymouth.  South Shore Hospital will increase its annual contributions by another 20 percent to more than $600,000 annually, after completing the Emerson Building expansion in early 2013. 

South Shore Hospital also pays for municipal services, like all Weymouth employers and residents.  The hospital’s assessment for water and sewer services in 2011 was $825,000.  The hospital also paid $139,000 in taxes on Weymouth properties that do not qualify for tax-exemption. 

Working To Be A Good Neighbor

Healthy WeySouth Shore Hospital is a charter member and contributing funder of “Healthy Wey” – an initiative that links individuals, neighborhoods, workplaces, and community groups who wish to make the town a healthier place to live and work. 

The hospital works with town and community leaders to successfully invest a grant from the Commonwealth’s “Mass in Motion” program to advocate for policy changes that will encourage healthier eating and greater physical activity among those who live and work in Weymouth. Over half of Massachusetts adults, and one third of middle and high school students are overweight or obese.  “Mass in Motion” seeks to prevent overweight and obesity and to reduce chronic disease – with a particular focus on the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.

As part of Healthy Wey, South Shore Hospital’s dietitians joined with Olympic Pizza in Columbian Square to increase residents’ access to healthier foods. Dietitians Lisa Raymond, RD, clinical nutrition manager; and Andrea Mariani, RD, worked with Frannie Xerokostas, owner of Olympic Pizza in Columbian Square, to develop healthy menu choices.  Our dietitians created healthy criteria based on new USDA guidelines to help Olympic Pizza create healthier menu options. The new healthy items must meet the following: Calories <600; Fat:<35% of calories; Saturated fat:<10% of calories; Sodium: <600 mg, Cholesterol: <150mg.  There are four new “Healthy Wey” Light Wey Meals now offered at Olympic Pizza that meet the healthy criteria.  Our dietitians continue to work with other Weymouth restaurants to identify healthy menu choices.

Toy Drive
South Shore Hospital employees load
an ambulance used to deliver toys to
Weymouth Youth & Family Services.

South Shore Hospital works closely with numerous organizations to create and sustain a healthier community, including Weymouth Health Department, Weymouth Elder Services, Weymouth Schools, Weymouth Recreation, Weymouth Food Pantry, Weymouth Housing Authority, Weymouth Substance Abuse Prevention Team, Weymouth Emergency Management, Weymouth Fire, and Weymouth Police.

South Shore Hospital also benefits Weymouth by:

  • Voluntarily providing medical direction to the Weymouth Health Department
  • Joining with Columbian Square Merchants to fund placement of defibrillators in Weymouth public schools. 
  • Supporting public safety improvements at busy intersections
  • Providing paramedic and ambulance coverage at community events
  • Supporting the installation of Weymouth public safety communication equipment on hospital rooftops and retrofitting of the Cancer Center Garage to accommodate town equipment.

Weymouth Clean Up Day

Paul Taylor (l), Jen Logan, Jake Smith
and Donna Hawkesworth rake up
leaves at Stella Tirrell Park at
Townwide Clean-Up Day, May 2011.

Weymouth residents also benefit from our free health screenings, education programs and support groups.

South Shore Hospital colleagues have been exceedingly generous to Weymouth residents.  Over the years, they have supported the hospital’s holiday giving program by donating tons of food to Weymouth Food Pantry and thousands of toys to Weymouth Youth and Family Services.  They also volunteer each Spring to clean up town-owned parks and properties.

 Supporting Weymouth’s Economic Vitality

South Shore Hospital employs more than 650 Weymouth residents, paying salaries of approximately $40 million.  The hospital does business with more than 100 Weymouth merchants, paying more than $12 million for their services.

South Shore Hospital also helps to stimulate Weymouth’s economy by attracting world-renowned health care providers like Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital to the stretch of Route 18 that the Patriot Ledger has dubbed “The Medical Mecca.”

More information about South Shore Hospital’s economic impact is available in this an analysis produced by the Economic and Public Policy Research Unit, University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute in August 2009.



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